Villa in Langenholzen

Residence for an elderly person, witch needs all rooms on one level.
Center is the hall with chimney, on the upper level are the guestrooms.
Living surface 220 m²

Villa in Lauenburg

Residential house and adjoining building with reed roof.
Above the entrance there is an oriel.
Living surface 295 m²

Workshop with apartments, Holzhausen

Construction workshop for wood framed houses
with offices and 2 apartments.
Oriel is prepared as a Winter garden.
Living surface 255 m²
Production + office surface 435 m²

New Constructed residential house

Small one family house with glassed gable in the living and working area.
Living surface 120 m²

New constructed house

Family House in the typical german style of "the Bergisch Country".
With apartment in the basement.
Living surface 210 m²

New constructed house

House with 4 gables and a glass dome above the middle part of the building to lighten up the gallery.
Living surface 298 m²

New constructed house

Family house in the typical style of "The Bergisch Country". The balcony is integrated in the gable.
The living area is glassed on the sides of the gable inside the wood frame.
Living surface 190 m²

New constructed house

One family house in cottage style
Living surface 155 m²

Cottage at the Holderstrauch

Residential house with office in the Basement.
Covered terrace in living area.
Living surface 185 m²

New constructed house

with pool
Living surface 310 m²

Living and business house
Halle / Saale

pediatrician / dentist office.
Modifications interior design.
Usable area 220 m²

Dental and general medical office, Bad Tennstedt

Remodeling and interior design.
Usable area 240 m²

Residential and commercial building
Halle / Saale

with pharmacy and physiotherapy.
3 doctor´s offices and 2 apartments.
Living surface 165 m²
Usable area 420 m²

New constructed house

4 condominiums, square building.
Apartments divided diagonally.
Living surface 420 m²